Palestinian Coin 2mil
Palestinian Coin 2mil

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Palestinian Coin 2mil

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The Palestinian currency, or the Palestinian Pound, was the first official currency circulated in Palestine and issued through the British Mandate between the years 1927-1946.

The Palestinian currency features the three languages of the British Mandate government: Arabic for Palestinians, English for the British, and Hebrew for the minority Jewish population in Palestine at that time. Despite Palestinian opposition to the presence of the Hebrew language on their currency, the British mandated it under the guise of 'harmonizing the diverse communities within Palestine.'

While Palestinians acquiesced to the coexistence of Hebrew texts alongside Arabic, it remains an undeniable historical fact that this currency was the very first to bear the name of Palestine.

The Palestinian currency showcases an olive branch, a symbol of peace, on the back/front.

The Palestinian Mil is made of bronze, nickel (copper), and silver. The value and price of Palestinian currencies currently depend on the scarcity and availability of the currency, with their prices constantly on the rise.